Barbie Doll Clothes Outfit
Barbie Pink Top and Shorts or Top and Pants Combo

Barbie Dolls are every girls best doll companion! Many people don’t know that you can completely customize your barbie from head to toes! Barbie Doll Clothes can be custom ordered from several online vendors who hand make the coolest Barbie Clothes. CloudTags toy experts have reviewed high and low all over the world and searched for the best barbie clothing designers. Firstly, we are going to showcase our TOP Barbie Clothing Designs! Secondly, we will introduce you to a designer you should keep an eye on. Thirdly, we will give you a buying guide and coupon code.

How To Choose Barbie Clothes

Finding the right outfit for your barbie can be overwhelming! As a result, you may find some good Doll clothing designers on Etsy but then you might not have as much luck! Buying Barbie Doll Clothes can be a great way to make dressing your doll fun on a whole new level! A few questions to ask yourself or your child are…

Wear and Tear

Will you be dressing the barbie daily, weekly, or monthly? If you’re going to be changing the barbies clothes a lot you’ll want to find a doll clothing maker that uses the best fabrics, sewing techniques, and craftsmanship. After an extensive months long search for the best designer, we have found the BEST DOLL Clothing Designer in our opinion!

Buying Guide

Before we connect you with the best doll clothing site, we’d like to fill you in on how exactly we came to this conclusion. Our goal is always to help guide our visitors with facts, and real reviews based on important parameter. We base our buying guide review on the following Parameters:

Look at this adorable Barbie “Love Pink” Hoodie Sweat Shirt and Pants Combo! Find it at The Doll Tailor
  • Customer Service – Do they respond quickly and professionally? YES – 100 %
  • Quality of Fabrics – Do they use quality fabrics that will stand the test of time? YES – 95%
  • General Coolness! – Are their designs trendy and unique? – YES – The Doll Tailor’s website has some pretty cool designs!

Design and Pattern Options

Here you’re looking at a black leotard outfit made for your favorite barbie doll! It can be worn like this or even pared up with some leggings or a skirt! If you add the Sun Glasses and some other fashionable accessories your barbie is going to be some HOT STUFF!

Pop Art

Pop Art is like a comic book theme for dolls! Here you’re looking at one of our top picks for designer “The Doll Tailor”. We chose this pattern and color scheme because it’s highly reviewed by Barbie Doll Lovers from around the world! You see a crop top and some low ride leggings with a beautiful set of blue stilettos to go with the outfit.

For Our Toy Lovers

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Doll Lovers

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